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About Me

I’m a trauma-informed yoga instructor, menstrual cycle guide, holistic somatic healing, yoni steaming and Integrative Pelvic Health® facilitator.

My teachings are based on a feminine and comprehensive approach, listening and working with the body, honoring the wisdom and cyclical rhythms of the natural cycle, and balancing the inner masculine and feminine energies. 

My studies with different teachers around the globe and healing modalities have been guided by my own self-healing journey – my experiences of chronic back and shoulder pains, TMJ disorders, female reproductive health challenges (STIs, HSV, HPV, cervical dysplasia), sexual traumas, abusive relationships and cPTSD.

My work and offerings consist of clear intention, mindful awareness, somatic body work, breath work, sound, meditation, journaling, Dreamtime Journeying, earth and plant medicine rituals to remember and reconnect with the wisdom of the body and the divine balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

I truly believe that we – souls exploring and evolving as human beings, are capable of healing holistically (with the help of allopathic medicine and treatment when appropriate) and awakening our higher purpose especially if we have access to a safe and supportive community, the right resources and guidance.

I’m here to support and guide YOU on your healing journeys towards self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-healing, self-love and self-empowerment. Thanks for being here.

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Yoga Instructor

Womb and Pelvis Guide


Facilitator and Educator

Remember your light. You are who you’ve been waiting for. You are strong, you are enough, you are capable of healing. Everything is already within you. Take that deep dive and go all in. Trust that divine timing and process.

- Rhiann Suen

A glimpse of my story

There’s so much changing and shifting in my life, especially the last 2 years, some of you have asked me about my story, they are shared in bits and pieces when they are ready to be shared, and most of them are still deep within me.
People called it the dark night of the soul/ Saturn Return/ one soul’s awakening.
I also call it the exploding of thousands sh*t pipes across different timelines. Not very poetic but very accurate and visual.
2 years ago I was called to this deep initiation after sitting with Mother Aya for 2 nights.
She initiated and showed me my way into my womb journey, exploring and healing lifetimes of womb wounds, exploring deep dark places in my soul.
All the imprints are held within the physical and energetic bodies, especially in our deep womb and pelvic spaces.
Intergenerational woundings
Developmental woundings
Sexual woundings
Collective feminine woundings
These imprints and experiences manifest in patterns, forms and life experience like
Painful/ irregular periods
Uterine health challenges
Physical and emotional disconnection
Not aligned with our most authentic self
Where I came form within the Chinese culture, it was very challenging (almost non-existent) to find trauma informed, holistic somatic healing modalities and womb wisdom teachings. I had to soul-search all over the world to find teachers and mentors who are embodying this sacred feminine work.
These 2 years I have invested a lot of my soul, tears, energy, time and money into my own healing journey. I have taken numerous huge bold scary steps to breakthrough my old limiting self.
I shifted to a point where I’m ready to share my experience, instead of feeling shoved under the fear of how people are going to perceive me. I’m ready for the medicines from speaking my truth authentically.
After my journey with Mother Aya, I left a toxic and abusive relationship. I also decided to remove my copper IUD (non hormonal intra-uterine contraceptive device) and get back in tune with my natural cycle. 2 weeks later I received a phone call from the clinic which never happened before.
It’s not a good sign if they call. I picked up the phone, they told me the reports are out and something’s wrong and I’ll need to meet the doctor. Sitting at the doctor’s desk looking at those terms I’ve never seen before on the report, I wondered what went wrong.
Low-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (LSIL incl. CIN1, HPV). All they told me was that there’s no treatment, no medications, the virus will stay in my body forever, it is possible that it will go away on it’s own, if not it is possible to develope into cervical cancer in 5-10 years. The doctor sent me out with a referral letter for colposcopy. Okay. More terms that I didn’t understand back then.
Walking out the clinic I remembered thinking to myself, am I gonna die? Am i gonna get cancer and die? Am I living a fulfilled happy life? What are my regrets? If I’m really gonna die soon how am I gonna spend my time? And, how am I gonna tell my loved ones? After these thoughts settled, I started doing my own researches and studies on every terms and concepts that I didn’t know.
I have always preferred healing my body holistically and trusted my body’s ability to heal if I support it’s healing. So I put aside the suggestion of colposcopy (a diagnostic procedure to examine a magnified view of the cervix, and possibility of cervical biopsy) while I continue diving deeper into my researches and studies.
I scheduled another pap smear in 3 months time, then they told me there won’t be much changes on my cervix and asked me to come back in 6 months instead. When I went back again, they rejected my request for a pap smear because they suggested that I need colposcopy. After being turned down, sitting in their lounge area, I bursted out crying. I was feeling so upset and angry imagining that a chunk/ chunks of my cervix will be taken away from my body even if I say no during the exam.
It ignited the fire in me to find other clinics, doctors, teachers, healers, books, natural healing remedies and practices, people who understands what I’m going through and who are able to offer guidance that align with my heart, body and soul. I am also recovering from HSV outbreaks and decade of sexual trauma. 
Trauma is not my fault.
But I know that healing is my birthright.
I am working lovingly and consciously with my womb, uterus, cervix, vagina and vulva in so many different way holistically.
My dharma is to turn my pain into my purpose. To inspire and guide you on your own healing journey.
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What's your herstory?

If you would like to share your story with me, all parts of you are welcome here. I'm here to listen.

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