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Honor Your Inner Cycle & Seasons

Feminine-Based Yoga

Balancing femininity in the system of masculinity and yoga.

Yoga is not an inherently feminine practice. Many might argue that yoga, and its focus on balance as well as union, seeks to create harmony between each individual’s masculine as well as feminine side. However, the roots of yoga and the growth of yoga as a practice is by males for males of certain standing and spiritual discipline.
While yoga is universally beneficial to both genders, there are specific poses that particularly benefit the female body and mind.
As womxn progress through life, our bodies go through many phases and changes. Yoga practice that rooted in the womb can be an incredible support system to help you surrender, find courage, obtain inner wisdom, celebrate your body, love yourself, and gain balance – among many other things.

“A lot of Yoga Practices have been designed by men, are fairly rigid and have been handed down in systems that say everyone should be doing what the teacher says at the same time. They also originate from tropical places and a lot of the people doing yoga are not in tropical places, have a womb and are not men, so that’s not a good fit!”

- Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Writer. Yoga Therapist

Cycle Syncing Method

Moving with the flow and fluctuation of our bodies.

As womxn, we may be taught to fight pain, push harder through that extra workout.

As our hormones fluctuate, so can our energy and mood, which affects how our body may approach exercise and movement.

According to the cycle syncing method, it may be beneficial to switch up your yoga practice and workouts based on your menstrual cycle and not focus on “pushing it” every step of the way.

Here’s a very general guideline of yoga intensities that may be beneficial during the hormone fluctuations around our cycle and the energy level.

Four Phases & Energy Level

Want to practice feminine-based yoga?

Explore different ways of moving, breathing, being.

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